Mentos en Cola

Het volledige experiment uitgelegd.

Mentos & Cola: de uitleg

How come you can become a fountain of coke by putting a mentos inside.
We searched for you!

Cola is H H2CO3 or carbonated . This is a very unstable acid
When combined with water falls into the following equation:.

H2CO3 <-> H2O + CO2
CO2 or carbon are the tiny bubbles that you see in Cola. To the disintegration of H 2 CO 3 to counter Cola is stored under high pressure. When the pressure increases in the mixture, increases the concentration of all the substances. The chemical equilibrium shifts to the side with the lowest coefficients.
1 H 2 CO 3 <-> 1 H 2 O + 1CO 2

We see that at the left side of the reaction, that the sum of the coefficients is equal to 1. On the right side, the sum of the coefficients is equal to 2. The equilibrium shifts to the left so. They will be therefore more H 2CO 3 formed over H2 O and CO 2. When Opening the bottle, anyway it reduces the pressure and there will be more CO 2 free.

Then the mentos is done with it. Sweet sinks down.

At first sight a mentos candy seems smooth, but through a microscope you can see that this is not the case at all. Due to the roughness, the reaction surface is much greater. The mentos accelerates the production of CO 2 enormous. The large amount of CO 2 is not nice bubble up as in normal circumstances, when the concentration of CO 2 is less. Between the water molecules in the Cola operates a strong cohesive force. This force keeps the water molecules all together and provide a large surface tension. The large amount of CO 2 However, these breaks. Because the sweet is located on the bottom, the CO2 is formation is greatest. The large amount of gas pushes all the liquid with great force out. All of the fluid that is under high pressure (due to the rapid formation of gas) is to the outside through the small bottle opening.
The result:
A Cola Fountain.